The Diversified Web Group Story

Diversified Web Group was formed by a group of internet and eCommerce veterans after successfully building and operating numerous online ventures. We have real world experience in Web Design, Lead generation, eCommerce, SEO, Paid Marketing, and more. We know how important having a well thought out web strategy is for any business. Unfortunately, too many times we see businesses choose what we call “Just another Web Designer”. Sure they might give you a pretty looking site, but often it lacks the basic structure and optimization needed to deliver the results you are looking for.

Consider us your Business Partner because we will work closely with the owner, sales team, and customer service of your business to make sure we deliver exactly what your customers are looking for. We are more then happy to provide integrations that will bridge information flowing from your website to your ERP or CRM system so every lead can be accounted for and followed up on.

Diversified Web Group, closes the gap by offering services to meet your business and your budget. We are CRAZY affordable because we have it down to a system that we consistently refine and improve upon. Our system isn’t based upon assumptions, rather years of experience and hard data.

Meet Matt, the guy behind DWG.