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We specialize in helping clients sell more online. That includes design, marketing strategy, back-end automations, and more. Oh yeah, we run our own stores too.

We love marketing. Whether its creating a new PPC Campaign, setting up PLA ads, Facebook Promotions, or turning that email list into a cash cow, we can handle it.

We take the time to learn your business, your goals, and in doing so learn how to achieve the results that work for you. We exceed expectations.

Need a company to just provide regular updates and maintenance to your site? We work with eCommerce Platforms, WordPress, and other top web platforms to keep you updated.

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A little about us:

Diversified Web Group is not just another web design and marketing agency, we are experts in designing and improving websites and their performance to increase YOUR business. We know how important a web presence is to your business and how powerful it can be to drive new clients, leads, and sales. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your business and it’s unique needs and crafting a strategy to help capture your target market and consumers.

We know in today’s age you can have your friends – cousin’s – nephew design your site for $200 or even do it yourself online. While that will get you a website, it won’t get you one that is going to deliver the results you planned or dreamed about. There is a lot that goes into a website strategy that many web design firms and “marketing experts” simply do not understand. We are talking about taking the time to optimize your site for your goal, whether your goal is to make sales on the site, capture potential customer information, or captivate potential customers to pick up the phone to call. All our strategies and website improvements are verified statistically using third party verification and testing. We firmly believe this is the best approach because this helps eliminate wasted marketing money and lost sales or leads through website “leaks”.

We know this might sound confusing, but it really is not. We love “talking shop” and would love to discuss your project. By-the-way we are also EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE for your small business needs. Quit waiting and talk to us today, we promise you won’t regret it.